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Sling Blade Sounds

Sounds, MP3, wav files from the 1996 movie Sling Blade starring Billy Bob Thornton as Karl Childers

Sling Blade Plot Synopsis:
Karl Childers (Billy Bob Thornton) is released from a mental hospital after the childhood murder of his mother and her lover. Now free and grown, Karl returns to his hometown and befriends young Frank Wheatley (Lucas Black).

Frank's mother's abusive white trash boyfriend Doyle Hargraves (Dwight Yoakam) wreaks havoc on the family by browbeating Frank, insulting Linda's gay friend Vaughan Cunningham (John Ritter - funny ha ha) making fun of Karl's disabilities, and having wild parties with his friends. The recipe is set for a slow buildup to the film's taught conclusion, which makes interesting use of a lawn mower blade.

Sling Blade Sounds - click arrow to play

you got any biscuits?
awrite then
I killed Doyle
funny ha ha
Doyle says
just a boy
lawnmower blade
I studied about it
I like the way you talk
um huh
Karl's phone order
Sling Blade Videos - click arrow to play

french fried taters
it ain't got no gas in it
miscellaneous short clips
lawnmower blade hacking compilation
Billy Bob Thornton on the making of Sling Blade

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